Onnisys Oy
Technological | Professional | Customer Orientated Approach


Onnisys Oy is a company established in 2013 providing IT services and comprehensive solutions. The founders of the company are experienced professionals in their field and are key players in the company.

We have experience from small and large Finnish companies to international listed companies. Our approach is based on close cooperation with the customer.

We are constantly investing in extensive technology know-how to provide our customers with the best possible expertise, both in hardware and software.

With a good partner network, we can find the solution to the customer’s specific need.




Onnisys Oy is responsible for the data center services of mukavaIT Oy and has been involved in designing modern service production for Päikky information system. Onnisys Oy has positively challenged existing solutions and in cooperation we have found the best service solutions for mukavaIT Oy.

mukavaIT Oy is a technology company established in 2012, providing IT and mobile solutions for early childhood education and related services.

Päikky is a modern and versatile information system for early childhood education that combines the needs of parents, care and administration into a single entity.

Päikky operates on a browser-based basis and can thus be flexibly used on different terminals.

The easy-to-use and comfortable interface enables smooth operation of the system without much IT knowledge. Päikky is also a total solution for the future, providing an affordable alternative to existing systems.

Petri Järvinen

Petri Järvinen
CEO, mukavaIT Oy