Onnisys Oy is a company established in 2013 providing IT services and comprehensive solutions. The founders of the company are experienced professionals in their field and are key players in the company. We have experience from small and large Finnish companies to international listed companies. Our approach is based on close cooperation with the customer.

We are constantly investing in extensive technology know-how to provide our customers with the best possible expertise, both in hardware and software. With a good partner network, we can find a solution to the customer’s specific need.

We provide IT services and comprehensive solutions that support our customers’ business. Services include design, commissioning, maintenance and monitoring. The solutions are designed and implemented together with the customer so that the end result is exactly what is needed. Our customers can secure the entire IT infrastructure with our reliable comprehensive service.

Contact us using the form below, by calling or e-mail, and together we will design a solution suiting your needs.