Server Backup

Cloud backup service

Losing data can shut down your entire business and cause huge costs.
Therefore, it is essential to take care of a proper backup. The cause of the data loss may be malware, human error, or hardware failure.

To deal with these situations, Onnisys provides server back-up services, where the primary backup is performed on a device on the customer’s premises. This allows for quick backup and recovery. Moreover, remote copying to the Onnisys data centre is available. So in case of a fire, your data will stay safe.

The technology used in the service also allows copying over slow connections.


  • Supervised and fault-tolerant backup service
  • Regular testing of backups
  • Two copies in two different physical locations

Microsoft O365 Backup

Microsoft Office 365 backup service

The Microsoft O365 service responds well to today’s needs.
Files are available anytime, anywhere.

It is often believed that transferring data to Office 365 also means that the data is backed up. However, this is not the case, as Microsoft does not guarantee complete and prompt recovery of deleted or corrupt data. In short, Microsoft merely promises that it will not lose the data stored in the O365.

According to a study by Enterprise Strategy Group, one in four companies fails to backup Office O365.

Microsoft will take care:

  • Service survival in the event of equipment failure or natural disaster
  • Short-term protection against user or administrator errors

The service user must take care of the following

  • Accidental deletion of data
  • Hacking, viruses and malware
  • Untrusted or dismissed employees

With Onnisys Backup O365 you guarantee that your data is safe.
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