Do you need your own server capacity and the freedom to define your own applications and settings? Choose a local and secure platform for capacity services, so your business doesn’t have to invest in or maintain its own server equipment. You can rent the capacity you need from us and if necessary, we can offer our maintenance and backup service solutions together with it.

Our experts also capable to manage operating system upgrades and server network management. This allows you to centralize total IT services solutions to the same operator.

We are responsible for the availability of the services in accordance with the agreed SLA levels. In addition, we can provide monitoring and response 24/7/365.

Besides Windows and Linux servers, we also provide IBM AIX capacity.

  • The equipment used to provide the services is located in Finland and is operated by local people.
  • The fault tolerance of our service covers all layers of equipment.
  • Our datacenter fills eg. requirements for critical facilities as defined by FICORA.
  • Environmental considerations have also been taken into account, as we use ecological wind power.


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